Suomen Fysiogeriatria is a forerunner in the development of geriatric physiotherapy and the rehabilitation of people with dementia in Finland and internationally. We want to improve the wellbeing of the aged through our work as well as through influencing on our society. We have over thirty years of experience in the rehabilitation of the aged and people with dementia.

Our first branch was opened in 1986. Today, we provide rehabilitation services for the aged, veterans and people with dementia at their homes, our rehabilitation centers and residential aged care in the Southern Finland. Our motivated physiotherapists, specialists in the comprehensive rehabilitation of the aged, provide individualized rehabilitation to each customer and develop continuously our competence and services based on the customers’ individual needs.

For organizations and healthcare professionals we provide consulting and training in geriatric physiotherapy and comprehensive rehabilitation both in Finland and abroad, since we possess the latest knowledge and skills in the field. In addition, we often take an active part in the related projects and share our knowledge in international events.

We have been granted ISO 9001 quality certification. The company’s founder, Maija Käyhty, was chosen as the Physiotherapy Entrepreneur of the Year in 2010 and in 2012 she received the Municipality Entrepreneur of the Year award. Maija’s passion for the field is reflected in everything the company does.